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Increase your output and save time with AI powered course generation. Generate and translate courses with a few clicks.

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50x faster

Accelerate course development with our AI-driven platform, creating comprehensive learning modules up to 50 times faster than traditional methods.

Translate into 15 languages with 1 click

Expand training effortlessly by translating your courses into one of 50 languages with just one click, making learning accessible worldwide.

Create courses from your text files

Easily convert text files into engaging, interactive courses using our secure, AI-powered platform, enhancing educational content delivery.

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"Coursly has helped us significantly with our customer training."

Lewis Miller
Client Relationships Manager


Create exams and issue certificates

"One click translation tool really helped us expand our educational content across Scandinavia at scale."

Erik Lundqvist

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Publish your course and share it with your team to co-create or assess knowledge.

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