Structure exams or quizzes with the help of AI

Transform educational content into structured exams automatically with our AI, ensuring assessments are comprehensive and aligned with learning objectives.


Generate comprehensive exams in seconds.


Customize the output to follow your company training policy.


Export the SCORM format into any compatible LMS

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Customize and export with ease

Utilize AI to generate personalized exams alongside courses – based on your custom inputs
Courses, together with exams, can easily be exported to the compatible LMS of your choice via the SCORM format.

How others utilize exams in their workplace:

After integrating Coursly for their customer support training exams, the company has estimated that they saved over 160 hours by doing so in the first month alone, enhancing the customer service and support they provide.

ByteWise – technology online retailer

Estimated 160+ hours saved

With AI generated and customized exams distributed to quality assurance officers, Synthetica has achieved a 29% improvement in information retention rates - improving the quality of their production line on the long run.

Synthfab – Fabric manufacturer

29% improvement in employee retention rates

Frequently asked questions:

Creating an exam is straightforward. Simply choose the 'Create Exam' option, input your questions and answers, and set the grading criteria. Our platform will guide you through each step.

Yes, you can include a variety of question types such as multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and essay questions to cater to different assessment needs.

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