Generate and export content into your favourite LMS

Create a course using prompts and files, and export it in a SCORM file - compatible with all leading LMS platforms.

Universal format

Create your courses in Coursly and export them as SCORM files, ready to be uploaded and used in any SCORM-supported LMS, broadening your training reach.

Flexible use

Our platform’s flexibility allows you to generate files that seamlessly integrate with diverse LMS, maintaining the integrity and functionality of your courses.

Export to ANY LMS that supports SCORM:

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From Coursly to your LMS of choice seamlessly

"Being able to export and import SCORM files is really a life-saver!"

Wendy O’Brien
Training Manager

The integration capabilities of Coursly have helped us to speed up existing e-learning processes and reduce time to produce content.

Pieter de Jong
Senior HR Manager

The ability to export SCORM files and import it to our existing systems has really improved how we manage onboarding.

Marta Ramírez
Project Manager

We needed a working integration with our CRM and Coursly delivered. Our training processes are now more streamlined than ever.

Amira El-Sayed
Training Coordinator

Integrating Coursly with our LMS was seamless. The API documentation was clear, and the support team was incredibly helpful throughout the process.

László Nagy
Project Manager

Integrations help centralize training on one platform

Frequently asked questions:

Coursly AI integrates with a wide range of Learning Management Systems (LMS), CRM platforms, and productivity tools to enhance your workflow.

Integration is straightforward via our API or SCORM export options. Simply connect Coursly AI using your LMS’s integration settings, and you’re set to go.

Yes, our flexible API allows for custom integrations, enabling you to connect Coursly AI with virtually any software system tailored to your specific needs.

Integrating Coursly AI streamlines data flow, enhances user experience, and eliminates the need for manual data entry, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

Absolutely! Our technical support team is available to help you through the integration process and ensure everything runs smoothly.

All integrations are secured with industry-standard encryption and authentication methods to protect your data and privacy.

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