Seamless collaboration within one workspace

Work with your team effortlessly and create content within a single workspace.

Invite team members

Quickly add colleagues to your projects, enabling seamless collaboration and effortless communication across your entire team.

Co-create content

Work together in real-time to build and refine courses. Share ideas, edit on the fly, and produce superior educational content collaboratively.

Centralized learning

Centralize all your course creation activities in one intuitive workspace, making it easier to manage projects and maintain organizational consistency.

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Real-time feedback and co-creation

Enhance course quality with real-time feedback and editing capabilities, enabling instant revisions and updates by team members across the platform.

The shared workspace feature has dramatically streamlined our project workflows, making it easy for our diverse team to collaborate effectively.

Emilie Becker
Project Manager

The role-based access control within Coursly ensures that our team collaborates efficiently while maintaining the security of our content.

Borut Kuhar

Our tools help save hundreds of hours every month

Frequently asked questions:

Coursly AI includes features like real-time editing, role-based access controls, and shared workspaces, enabling seamless collaboration across your team.

Yes, multiple users can work on the same course at the same time, with changes visible in real-time to all contributors.

Administrators can set and manage user permissions, ensuring team members have appropriate access to create, edit, or view content based on their roles.

Coursly AI supports version control, allowing you to track changes, revert to previous versions, and ensure the integrity of your content.

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