Translate material into multiple languages with one single click

Instantly break language barriers with our 1-click translation feature, designed to make your courses globally accessible and engaging.

Translate quickly

Speed up your course creation process with our 1-click translation tool, instantly converting content into multiple languages with high accuracy.
Effortlessly globalize your training materials. Our rapid translation tool ensures your content is ready for international audiences in seconds.

Localized learning

Our 1-click translation ensures consistent training across all subsidiaries, maintaining uniformity while catering to local languages and understanding.
Our tool adapts your courses for local languages, ensuring all branches receive the same high-quality training.

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Extensive language support

Explore our wide range of supported languages. Our robust translation tools ensure your courses are understood worldwide, seamlessly and accurately.


Supported languages

Coursly's translation tool helped us expand our educational content across Scandinavia effortlessly. The accuracy and speed are unmatched.

Erik Lundqvist

The ability to instantly translate our training modules into multiple regional languages has significantly increased our market reach in the Middle East.

Layla Almasi
Head of Training

The fast translation feature is a game changer for us, enabling us to distribute new information and knowledge among subsidiaries faster.

Carlos Ruiz Villaroel
Research and Development

Easy translation of training material for localized experiences

Frequently asked questions:

1-Click-Translation allows you to instantly translate your courses into 50 different languages, making your content accessible to a global audience with just one click.

Our translations are powered by advanced AI technology that ensures high accuracy by considering linguistic nuances and contextual meaning in each target language.

Absolutely! While our AI provides a solid base translation, we always encourage users to review and make any necessary adjustments to fit their specific context or audience.

Currently, our platform supports translations into 50 languages, including major world languages and several less commonly spoken ones. We continuously work to expand our language offerings.

Coursly AI's translation algorithms are trained on a wide range of professional and technical documents, enabling them to accurately handle industry-specific terminology across various fields.

If a translation doesn't meet your expectations, you can manually adjust it within our platform. We also encourage feedback to help improve our translation models.

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