Who are we?

About Coursly

At Coursly, we are pioneering the future of workplace education by integrating artificial intelligence to streamline the development of customized workplace training programs.

Meet the founders

David Mohar

CEO and Co-founder

Urban Rotar

CTO and Co-founder

John Doe

CEO and Founder

John Doe

CEO and Founder

John Doe

CEO and Founder

What is our mission?

To transform workplace education by leveraging advanced AI to create tailored learning experiences.

To work on empowering companies to build smarter, more effective educational content.

Commitment to enhancing and improving how companies train and develop talent within their ranks.

We aim to bridge gaps in skills and understanding through bespoke AI-generated courses that are not only easy to integrate but also secure and compliant with global standards.

We aspire to empower every business with the ability to effortlessly create engaging, effective, and secure training content, reshaping how knowledge is conveyed and acquired.

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